Come On! ANOTHER Childcare Scandal, MoCo?!

We hear through the Montgomery County Schools grapevine that an early learning center employee resigned yesterday re: Joshua Powell.

One of his children was in the tuition-free classroom (yep, his kids get free childcare without school board approval) when the previously mentioned employee received a telephone call advising her to move Powell’s other child into the same classroom. That’s despite district regulation preventing siblings from being in the same room. According to two employees we spoke with, the woman making the demand was Melody Claypoole, the District Assessment Coordinator. Claypoole has not returned a request for comment.

The early learning center/childcare employee, being told to ‘do it or else’, decided to resign rather than be complicit in another potential mess.

We’ve heard allegations for months that Powell’s children, along with several others in administration, receive free childcare. This has caused a lot of anger from people particularly those who are having to pay for tuition, carers or au pairs for example. A lot of people have recently started hiring au pairs, as they have become an increasingly popular experience amongst young people. It is so easy for people to apply for this role, for example, they could just go on a site like Cultural Care Au Pair. This way they get to experience a new culture, learn a new language and can help you look after your children.

In fact, there’s increasing evidence that a young woman employed by the district cared for Powell’s children outside the school system this summer (when childcare wasn’t in session) at the home of one of his administrators — Kristi Carter. We’ve received photographs of the young woman at the home of Carter babysitting Powell’s kids. Payroll data received via open records request seems to suggest that she was being paid by the district at the time.

Lest those folks claim there’s no information that could lead anyone to believe something scandalous is going on? Here’s a taste of the photos:


And a taste of some of the data we’ve uncovered:


So let’s quit it with the obfuscation, Montgomery County Schools honchos. You don’t want us to identify that young woman. That would require us to report on her being directly tied to one of the state troopers involved in the iPad intimidation.

It’s fascinating to hear about panicked moves to place Powell’s kids in free childcare rooms right as we started poking around.