The EPSB Also Charged Rison – Not Just Powell

The Education Professional Standards Board this week confirmed that it has not only charged Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell but…

Wait for it…

Assistant Superintendent Phil Rison.

Meanwhile, Powell, Rison and board chair Kenney Gulley (who was officially notified about the EPSB investigations) all claim they know nothing about pending matters. Which we all know is a mess of b.s.

That sound you hear is a monstrous gulp emanating from Mt. Sterling.

On a semi-related note… Powell had a small handful of people show up at last night’s board meeting to sing his praises.

What that means: Powell knows the end is nigh.

Can you imagine? Those poor people being snowed into praising him, wholly unaware of pending investigations, several major lawsuits, sanctions, civil rights cases and audit reports proving illegal hirings and such. Bless their hearts.