How Much HAS Powell Cost Montgomery Co?

Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell has long claimed that lawsuits filed against him have cost the district more than $500,000. He’s said this at meetings, in the press, to anyone who will listen.

So why would he be trying to assert that the only insurance claim paid by Montgomery County related to any settlement or lawsuit was for a school bus accident in 2009?


The settlement Powell mentioned:


Bizarre stuff. Since there are countless payouts that we know about. One, for example, involved an administrator at Mapleton Elementary.

Powell is claiming that he has no idea how much is available to the district on its payout policy. He’s either lying or incompetent (both?). Since that information is easily available from the insurance invoices the district receives and from the insurance provider.

We hear from some board members that the district may have less than $100,000 available to it on its current policy. And we all know that would have been a multi-million dollar policy.

It’s just craziness.