Montgomery Coians: Page From Powell's Playbook

When Joshua Powell was originally run out of Union County for scandal after scandal, he took advantage of his rural community by making claims no one bothered to verify.

Like these:

All these districts are in rural Kentucky. As you can imagine, with these changes, the amount of bureaucracy and political turmoil that I’ve endured is unbelievable. It’s amazing how much abuse you take when you’re trying to do what’s right for kids.


We’re the largest employer in every county I’ve worked in, so if someone’s friend, brother, uncle is either transferred, demoted, or fired, they don’t care about performance. Even the local politicians get upset. I’ve been run off the road. My family and I have been threatened. That’s what you have to deal with when you’re in my position. Also, we have a great system, but we have three governing bodies to satisfy. The standards board used to just deal with certification, but they’ve expanded and they’re trying to deal with everything education related now. There’s the Kentucky Dept. of Education, and then we have the Office of Educational Accountability.

Powell even had his inner circle reiterating claims that he’d been run off the road, his family had been threatened, his dog poisoned:


Guess what can’t be located? Any proof of police reports being filed or local media coverage of those claims. Officials in Union County tell us that this is the first they’ve heard about claims like that.

Now, with Powell attempting to claim that people in Montgomery County are behaving like any angry mob (or terrorists, depending upon the day you catch him), you can expect this same page from his playbook to be used again and again.