Montgomery Co. School Board Hides From Public

You already know the Montgomery County School Board chairman, Kenney Gulley, has attempted to prevent discussion of superintendent Joshua Powell’s legal fees at this evening’s board meeting. Gulley and an administrative assistant of Powell’s claimed a board member didn’t ask for the matter to be added to the agenda. So we published video evidence that it not only took place but that Gulley acknowledged it.

So would it surprise you to learn that the board, despite always announcing meetings in the newspaper, didn’t bother to mention tonight’s meeting in the Mt. Sterling Advocate?


Of course not.

What could they possibly want to keep under the radar? Have a look for yourself:


That’s right — raising your property taxes. That’s what the board will discuss tonight. And they want as few people there as possible.

Aaaand there’s still no mention on the agenda about a discussion of Powell’s attorney and legal fees, which might be illegal, as a board member definitely asked for it to be a part of the meeting.

People ought to show up in droves to express their outrage.