Here's What Powell's Big City Trip Cost Taxpayers

Remember when Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell went to the Kentucky Association of School Administrators conference in Louisville for two days and one night? He took his wife and a couple employees with him and gave a presentation about, of all things, Dealing with Difficult Employees.

He also gave away an award to Jacqui Johnston, his underling in the district who has been mentioned hundreds of times in various scandals.

We decided to poke around a bit to see what Powell spent on his vacation in Louisville – just an hour or so away from the district. Buried on page 38 of the school board agenda packet from July 17th we discovered the following:


According to the board’s documentation above, Powell spent at least $2,785.56 to attend the conference. Where he promoted himself and gave an award to his right hand.

That’s a pretty penny, to say the least. Because the Galt House is the opposite of fancy and usually costs something like $150 per night.

This comes on top of the district spending a whopping $3,338.40 at the Hilton in Lexington (15 minutes away!) on May 28, 2014, $300 on a billboard on June 30, 2014 and $1,375 on local radio spots during the month that promote Powell.

No wonder the district can’t afford to do anything.