More Title IX Problems Surface For MoCo/Powell

More than $70,000 was pumped into baseball field renovations in Montgomery County during the 2013-2014 school year.

But when former Athletics Director Gene Heffington asked assistant superintendent Phil Rison questions about the data for self-reporting to the Kentucky High School Athletics Association (KHSAA), he was informed that the information didn’t have to be reported.

Take a look at some email exchanges for yourself:




Unfortunately for Rison and Montgomery County Schools, that information must be reported. And we’ve been unable to find evidence of a BG-1 — a form required for capital expenditures.

School board members tell us those $70,000+ in funds came from the maintenance budget. But take a look at the report filed with KHSAA:


No mention at all.

This probably doesn’t bode well for the ongoing Title IX investigation we mentioned again yesterday.

For something that doesn’t bode well with standing in violation of KHSAA guidelines?

The girl’s softball coach made a request to take the team out of school early (day ends at 3:45) on a day when they had a game at 7:30 P.M. just 15 miles away in Clark County.



On Page 8 of the 2014 KHSAA Softball District/Region Tournament Instructions, the first bullet point says that member schools aren’t permitted to practice for, travel to or participate in interscholastic athletic contests during the six-hour school day.

So it seems to us that this is a clear violation of the rules.

Somewhat related: Phil Rison’s brother, Bart, was recently hired to serve as Athletics Director to replace Heffington, who was forced out. We confirmed it by reviewing the district’s new student handbook for the upcoming school year. He retired in 2011, so to come back, the district would be subject to laws regarding retired employees. KRS 165.605, as we’ve reported on several occasions, requires that there be no other qualified candidates available in the applicant pool. No one in their right mind believes this condition wasn’t violated.

UPDATE: We’ve been informed that salary data reported to KHSAA by Montgomery County is incorrect. The $22,000 amount was for Coach Gooch alone, for instance.

Seems like there’ll be some KHSAA problems for MoCo in 3, 2…