Another Montgomery Co. Corruption Reality Check

During the July 17 meeting of the Montgomery County School board, a member of that board asked for a topic of discussion be added to the agenda for the August 7 meeting.

That topic? A healthy talk regarding superintendent Joshua Powell’s attorney and the exorbitant fees being paid.

Now, board chair Kenney Gulley and Powell’s Executive Administrative Assistant, Cindy Kincaid, are claiming that didn’t take place and that the topic can’t be discussed during Thursday’s meeting.

Unfortunately for them? We have proof:

Would appear that the powers that be are once again attempting to fleece the taxpayers. You’d think the general manager of a respected farm supply company would have enough sense not to pull stunts like this. He knows that any discussion of Powell’s attorney and the associated costs will result in mass public outrage.

All of Montgomery County should show up in protest, to say the least.

Take hidden cameras, audio recording equipment, make your voice heard.

Just be prepared — Powell and crew will likely panic and have the sheriff there to intimidate you. The sheriff whose son got caught up in the iPad mess, of course.

But don’t let that stop you. Demand answers. You deserve them.