Montgomery Co. Title IX Mess Springs Back To Life

Last week we revealed that Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell is being sued for his actions during a major Title IX investigation.

More on the Title IX scandal:

Caught up? If not, here are the basics: Powell & crew seriously discriminated against female athletes, broke the law, got caught, retaliated against the people they thought were responsible for doing the right thing.

Now we hear that the Office of Civil Rights is re-opening (okay, they wouldn’t deny that it was being re-opened, which means it’s being re-opened) the investigation. Because Joshua Powell and his inner circle are back at it. In the same case. After agreeing to do the right thing.

The football coach and Phil Rison are upset girls now get to use the boys’ weight room and they’re working to discourage its use. Their bone-headed solution? Charge sports other than football an exorbitant fee for its use, knowing that budgetary restrictions will prevent access.

Read this leaked email exchange we got our hands on:


The Office of Civil Rights isn’t happy about this discovery, to say the least.

Here’s why it’s problematic: budgets for each sport. These are approximations.

  • Football: $21,000
  • Basketball: $4,500
  • Wrestling: $800
  • Volleyball: $800
  • Soccer: $1,700

Yet they’re all expected to pay $500 to access a weight room already owned by the district.

Fairness aside, this appears to be a clear violation of their resolution agreement with the OCR. In light of the latest lawsuit, you can bet this isn’t going away any time soon.