Now That Two Notorious Montgomery County School Board Members Aren't Running For Re-Election, Let's Dig Into A Mini-Scandal

Now that two Montgomery County School Board members aren’t running for re-election, what’s that mean? What’s it mean that board chair Kenney Gulley and Kelly Murphy aren’t running?

Does it mean mission accomplished?

Not quite. But now it means we don’t have to write the story about Kelly Murphy scheming to allow his extremist church to use school facilities without paying its fair share. Allegedly. Oh, wait, of course we have to run it.

Hold on to your wigs!

The Church of God in Mt. Sterling fired their new pastor after a tenure that can only be described as brief. R.J. Palmer’s cousin.

Unfortunately for the church, Pastor Palmer didn’t move along quietly. He took with him several hundred members of the church. Among them? Kelly Murphy, of the Montgomery County School Board.

They came up with a sweet new name for it: Freedom Church. Though, with no place to meet and no funds to rent a space large enough to hold services, folks were in a pinch.

Superintendent Joshua Powell and board member Kelly Murphy to the rescue!

The church now holds twice-weekly meetings in the high school auditorium. And unfortunately for the taxpayers, Montgomery County Schools refuses to answer our questions or respond to open records requests — in violation of the law.

Here’s what we need to know:

Are they paying rent? If so, is it the going rate? A similarly-sized church in Mt. Sterling tells us their rent and such (excluding utilities and anything other than for the space itself) is several thousand dollars per month.

This has been going on for nearly a year. Have any funds at all been received by the district? Freedom Church, according to several, has spent about $700 per month for the last quarter renting office space, so we know it has some money.

Is the church reimbursing the school district for heat, air conditioning, electricity, janitorial services?

Who is opening the high school up for them — at least four times on Sunday alone?

Taxpayers in Montgomery County deserve answers.


Back to the school board issue…

Check out this blurb in the horrible newspaper in Mt. Sterling:

Gulley, Murphy will not seek re-election

Following the meeting board chair Kenney Gulley and vice chair Kelly Murphy announced that they will not seek reelection. Both have served eight years on the board.

Each said they want to pursue other interests and felt eight years on the board was long enough.

They said their decisions not to run have nothing to do with the current controversy surrounding Superintendent Josh Powell

The filing deadline for their two board seats is Aug. 12. Those are the only seats on the ballot this year.

Of course they’re giving up because of Josh Powell. There’s literally no other reason for either of them to jump ship. Other than seeing the writing on the wall. They’re not running for re-election because of everything revealed on this very website. And it’s convenient that Murphy started to tuck tail and run after we started digging into his shenanigans. The least he could do is answer questions instead of hiding.

Hoo boy, Montgomery County, keep fighting. You’re getting there.