This Louisville Scandal Impacts The Entire State

This story is so important that we’re using our most valuable time slots of the week to bring awareness.

Fair warning: your stomach will churn, you’ll get angry and if you have any compassion at all for life (I’m speaking directly to you, pro-lifers!) and responsibility, you’ll take it to heart.

This impacts everyone in the Commonwealth and it’s something I’ve been covering with dedication for nearly eight years. Having worked hard to oust quite a few people from this government agency through the years, I personally hope you’ll take the time to consider it. It means a lot. While this story is just one of thousands like it, it’s illustrative of the problem and the coverup that progressive Democrats (yes, I said it) are directly responsible for.

I write about and dig into these things not because I hate this state but because I love it. I want things to change so more people have the opportunity to appreciate what we’ve been blessed with. Kentucky (and Louisville) is intoxicating and it’s home. We, as Kentuckians, are responsible for seeing future generations live and thrive here. We cannot sit on our hands or make excuses for problems like this any longer. You deserve better. Kentucky deserves better. We all deserve better.

I grew up in a rural, countrified, salt of the earth part of the state that instilled in me the belief that you’re only as good as the way you treat those less fortunate, the elderly and your animals. When you turn to government-sanctioned cruelty, neglect and indifference? You prove the true worth of your character.

Thank you for your consideration. Thank you for your feedback. Thank you to the thousands of thoughtful Kentuckians who step up every day to make a difference.


The LMAS Official-Turned-Fischer-Staffer Scandal Gets Real: Proof Margaret Brosko & Other Metro Officials Are Corrupt & Lack Any Compassion

In February 2013, Louisville Metro Animal Services received a young and beautiful Pitbull named Sadie. She was friendly, likable and loving but had what amounted to a dangling leg from an injury that needed to be amputated. Her owner attempted to claim her in March and received a violation notice of her injuries. When a vet notice is issued, owners are required to provide vet care within 48 hours or they wind up in court. The owner didn’t bother getting her care and didn’t bother showing up for court. Nothing happened. No bench warrant was issued. There was no follow-up from LMAS.

In late August, the owner finally surrendered Sadie to LMAS and she was set to be euthanized.

A big deal, sure, but not something LMAS couldn’t handle and not something that is rare. But Sadie’s story doesn’t end like you think it should.


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