Montgomery Co. Topix Witch Hunt Just A Ruse

Remember when Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell started his Topix/lawsuit witch hunt? He claimed people posting factual information was “terrorism” and “stalking” in an attempt to drum up anxiety over nothing. He, with this pals on the school board, pushed for $5,000 in taxpayer funds to be used to hunt down IP addresses (which he’ll never get for $5,000).

It was all the rage in Lexington television hype at the time.

But here’s the deal: no legal proceedings have begun — at all — and no IP addresses have been obtained, as previously claimed by Powell (and even KEA reps).

How do we know that? Joshua Powell signed an open records request telling a Montgomery County resident just that:


Text of the letter:

Re: Response to Open Records Request for Documents

Dear Mr. Walters:

This correspondence is sent in response to your open records request received July 11, 2014.

There are no court documents related to any suit to obtain IP addresses from social media websites. At this time, the district has not incurred any cost for legal fees related to pursuing potential suit against social media websites. Additionally, some documents may not be subject to open records laws due to being protected by attorney-client privilege.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Joshua E. Powell

He told on himself.

And spoiler alert: nope, attorney-client privilege likely isn’t a solid defense for withholding public records. Walters should appeal to the Office of the Attorney General posthaste.

More on the issue: Powell claims that employees have been maliciously attacked and stalked. But… another spoiler alert… if anyone was being stalked, they could call the police. The individuals “stalking” would have been identified quite easily. That didn’t occur. Why wait months/years to go after a stalker? Why would Mike Owsley, Powell’s attorney, go along with that? He wouldn’t. That’s clearly a fabrication and a half.

Board chair Kenney Gulley issued a statement to the Mt. Sterling Advocate at the time (this link) about taking bullying very seriously and striving to protect both students and staff. But… uh… if they took it seriously, they would have filed suit by now or started legal proceedings.

If bullying were truly taken seriously, the board would do something about Powell and crew harassing, bullying, intimidating and retaliating against Jennifer Hall for being a whistleblower on multiple fronts.

Despite claims at a recent board meeting that objectives have been reached? This all appears to be another psychological game of Powell’s in an attempt to perpetuate fear and unrest among his critics.

No wonder Montgomery County Schools are in a full-on meltdown.