Paper Unknowingly Spread Misinformation In MoCo

Yesterday we told you about shenanigans at Montgomery County Schools involving a daycare child running across a four-lane highway to escape.

Feel free to refresh yourself by clicking here. We also highlighted some continuing retaliation in the same story.

But here’s where the story gets interesting: when the Mt. Sterling Advocate steps in to cover the issue with some really subtle whitewash.

The paper’s story:

Child escapes daycare, runs across bypass

By Tom Marshall
Senior Advocate writer

A 7-year-old boy was unharmed July 7 after escaping from staff at the Mapleton Elementary School Daycare and running across the Bypass.

The boy managed to elude staff three times before breaking loose and running across the bypass to Kroger, where a relative works, said Phil Rison, assistant superintendent for Montgomery County Schools.

The incident occurred in the morning during a busy period when staff at the school were loading students on buses to visit the zoo, Rison said.

Staff at the school tried their best to capture the child before he got to the Bypass, but the boy was too fast for them, said Kristi Carter, director of child care for the district.

Rison said steps are being taken to prevent such an incident from happening again.

“It’s unfortunate,” Rison said. “We’re thankful so much that no one was hurt. We’re using it as a measure in which we can be better so that it never happens again.”

The boy has a history of being a flight risk, he said.

The boy has since returned to the daycare program. Staff have been instructed to keep a close eye on the boy at all times, Rison said.

A few points: It happened on July 8, not July 7.

The kid had no flight risk history — and if it had a history, it wouldn’t have been left alone in a closet. The only history it had? Coming to school upset two days in a row and being belittled by Carter (according to staff).

About that “busy period”… the school bus left at 8:10 A.M. for the Louisville Zoo. The child ran away an hour later. We know this because employees working that day all confirm it. Carter departed, with that school bus, long before she and Rison led the paper to believe.

Here’s the official schedule Carter’s employees gave us:


You’ll note the 8:00 A.M. departure time. Several present tell us the bus didn’t leave until 8:10 and the kid didn’t run away until just about 9:00 A.M.

While at the Louisville Zoo? Carter lost a child for nearly an hour. Zoo officials tell us (Hello? Like we don’t know the entire Zoo board and didn’t immediately ask questions when we found out SHE was at the Zoo?) they had to step in to locate the kid.

But about the bypass-crossing kid. Here’s the closet where the child was held:


Yep, the daycare supervisor sits at that desk right in front of it. But the kid still got away and ran all that way — several minutes to Kroger without them being able to stop the situation? Sure, okay, we’ll go with that.

Way to go, Montgomery County.

Note: republishing the entire article from the paper was necessary in order to illustrate the issue.