Pro-Mitch McConnell Group Produces Another Boring Spot For Television. Painfully Mundane. Meanwhile, Alison Grimes Releases An Ad That Isn't Horrible That Panders To The Right People!

The Kentucky Opportunity Coalition is flushing millions of dollars down the toilet. It’s like Scott Jennings has been hit in the head with the stupid stick and/or threatened with death if he doesn’t produce the most boring television spots ever.

Like this one:

Mind-numbingly boring.

And they’re spending $4.66 million on ads like that! For television buys that only the elderly will see — people McConnell already has locked up as votes. No focus at all on people who McConnell actually needs to persuade.

Meanwhile, Alison Daddy’s Name Grimes has released an ad that isn’t horrible:

It’s a universe of creativity when compared to the ad above. Even with the guy very obviously reading from a teleprompter with an accent so thick that folks in the city need a translator. Creative despite that infuriating whistle theme that has permeated a so far embarrassingly bad campaign obsessed with misinformation about coal. A universe of creativity that actually panders to the people Alison needs — scared old people who vote Republican.

Is this a sign that the McConnell folks can’t help but stumble and the Grimes crew actually has its act together? Don’t hold your breath.