Montgomery Co. Schools Officials Live On Topix

Get caught up on all the stories involving Montgomery County Schools by clicking here. That’s a handy roundup we put together for you other the weekend.

Let’s take another look at how we know Montgomery County Schools officials spend every waking moment on Topix.

Here are photos of just some of the times Kristi Carter was on that forum:


Alarming frequency, to say the least.

What’s more alarming: there are hundreds of instances of her being on there. Better still are the thousands of instances her boss and other school officials have been documented on the site.

Meanwhile, the school board is flushing cash it doesn’t have down the toilet in an attempt to determine identities of those posting. In what will be a failed attempt, that is.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at two more instances of serious retaliation allegations. We’ll be using names and official documents because superintendent Joshua Powell isn’t slick enough to cover his tracks.