Newspaper Misinforms Montgomery County Again

We’ve already reported (weeks ago — here & here) that the Montgomery County Board of Education rejected superintendent Joshua Powell’s insane salary bump proposal. But the Mt. Sterling Advocate finally decided to cover it.

Here’s a taste:

The Montgomery County Board of Education tabled action on a pair of salary range proposals for 2014-2015 presented by the superintendent at its regular meeting May 27.

Board members previously asked the superintendent to develop alternative salary schedules from which to choose.


One factor that has caused some public confusion … is “leadership responsibility factor” pay.

Salaries … are based on a 187-day contract that includes a base salary and additional pay based on the number of days included in their contract.

That would involve taking the base salary, then multiplying it with the additional days (most contracts are for 240 days) by the base salary to come up with an average pay per day which is added to the base salary in the form of the leadership responsibility factor figure. The state mandated pay raises would also have to be included.


Under Option 2 the high school principal would receive the largest leadership responsibility factor pay of $28,000. The leadership responsibility factor pay for Anna Powell, Superintendent Powell’s wife, amounts to $22,000.

Anna Powell serves as the district’s director of special projects.

Supreintendent Powell stressed the $22,000 is not a pay raise.

“There’s just rampant misinformation spread,” he said.

Superintendent Powell defended the district’s administrative pay structure, which he says is competitive with other districts throughout the region.


“I can’t help but think that our administration as a whole is responsible for this — from principals, to assistant principals, to curriculum specialists, to central office workers,” Superintendent Powell said.

“The concept of wanting to arbitrarily reduce our administrative pay considering our performance in my view is absurd.”

Superintendent Powell said he plans to present the Option 1 proposal again at a future board meeting.

Unfortunately for both Powell and the newspaper? Some of that is just flat-out misinformation.

Those ARE pay raises. There’s no way around it. There has been no misinformation spread. We’ve published the board meeting minutes and you’ve already seen for yourself what went down.

We already know academic gains are a myth because the scoring system changed. The paper’s still got egg on its face for that.

And giving credit to administrative employees and principals? The administrative employee benefiting the most is his wife. And the only principal who qualifies? Shannon White, his friend he hired to replace the illegally-fired Jim Dusso.

No wonder Montgomery Countians have remained in the dark for so long.