Could Josh Powell's Principal Hiring Be Illegal?

Montgomery County Schools superintendent fired high school principal Jim Dusso, as we’ve written about several times. Since he ended up with egg on his face, Dusso was brought back into the district. But not as principal.

Powell hired Shannon White, an individual retired after working 33 years as a certified employee.

Unfortunately for Powell, it looks like he has more egg on his face as the hiring of White appears to be illegal.

From Kentucky Revised Statutes, KRS 161.605 (Warning: External PDF Link:

Reemployment of a retired member under subsection (1) or (2) of this section in a full-time teaching or nonteaching position in a local school district shall be permitted only if the employer certifies to the Kentucky Teachers Retirement System that there are no other qualified applicants available to fill the teaching or nonteaching position.

As you can see, White could only be hired in an emergency. I.E., if there were no other qualified individuals to hire. And we know that there were plenty of them.

Even if White could be hired, he’s limited to to 75% of his last annual compensation.

This is why Montgomery County can’t have nice things.