Montgomery County Picture Gets More Clear

In May of last year, 20 Montgomery County students were stabbed with a needle at McNabb Middle School.

From a news story at the time:

The principal said a student was “horsing around” with a sewing needle in a humanities class and poked the students. He said all of the students saw a doctor, and got their blood drawn and tested as a precaution.

The Montgomery County School District released a statement about the incident on it’s Facebook that stated, “The School District has been made aware of misinformation that has circulated regarding a stabbing at the High School today. This information is false. An incident involving a sewing needle did occur at McNabb Middle School today in a co-curricular class. A few students were stuck with the needle. The parents of the students involved were subsequently notified and the students were seen by a medical professional. Student safety and welfare is a top priority.”

Scary foreshadowing, right?

Well… someone leaked an OEA complaint to us about the incident and it’s worth sharing:

School_District: Montgomery County
School: McNabb Middle School
Date_Complaint_Filed: May,16,2013
Phone0: NA
Mailing_Address: NA
Complaint_Specifics: Please do not use my name, I have family working at MoCo they will be harassed by Powell and Kristi Carter

May 08,2013 a student in humanities class stabbed 20 something students with a needle, this same student has been involved in many incidents, one which included turning a table over in the cafeteria breaking the hand of a Hispanic girl, whose family never took her to a Dr. but moved to another school district, during this same incident another student received two cracked ribs which wasn’t discovered until a few weeks later by a routine Dr. Visit. Shanda Brewer the nurse at McNabb should supply all pertinent information concerning these incidents. The needle stabbing Superintendent Josh Powell tried to play the incident down as a few students, on a voicemail message to 7 & 8 grade parents. It’s my understanding this child who is a special needs student doesn’t have an IEP plan nor does he have an individual aide, which when my child was in school the individual aide was with the child at all times during school. Also the teacher who was supposed to be in the classroom during this time where was he? It’s also my understanding this teacher is also at the controversial Sterling School, Powell has moved off school campus., the teacher in question is Joshua Spencer, he and his wife Afton Fairchild Spencer are very good friends with Joshua Powell, therefore the teacher in question will not receive any punishment. Below is a link to the news station report of the needle stabbing, this was how the parents found out it was 20 something students instead of a few as Powell’s voicemail stayed.. Thank you and your attention concerning this matter will be appreciated.
I have more information and pictures if I can have an email address to send them. Currently the State auditor office is looking into a possible audit of Powell, information was given to Edelen’s office on April 1 and on April 3 Powell received a call from the auditors office concerning the investigation, at the present time the auditor’s office hasn’t formally announced the audit but Powell submitted a very controversial letter to the newspaper concerning the state audit, when ask questions concerning the statements Powell made in the letter, he has refused to answer.

Steps_Take_To_Resolve: There hasn’t been stepped involved to resolve anything, the district has a superintendent who thinks he’s untouchable and dares anyone to cross him . At the current time Powell is locked in his office yelling he will not talk to anyone. Powell and his assistant Kristi Carter run the school system on intimadition and threats to the employees. Stress level is off the walls at the schools.

The complainant never heard back, according to folks on the inside.

That’s all fine and dandy. Water under the bridge. All that good stuff.

But the part that stuck out to us?

the teacher in question is Joshua Spencer, he and his wife Afton Fairchild Spencer are very good friends with Joshua Powell, therefore the teacher in question will not receive any punishment.

Now we have a better understanding of what went on a few weeks ago.