Montgomery Co. High School Principal Reinstated But The Wildfire Of Corruption Rages On

Remember Jim Dusso? He’s the Montgomery County High School principal who refused to alter a teacher’s evaluation to help superintendent Joshua Powell get rid of them.

Here’s a refresher:


Last Friday, Powell rescinded Dusso’s termination (though he won’t be serving as principal). Because Dusso retaining a lawyer and Montgomery County Schools having the facts publicly revealed killed Powell’s chances to lie and cover things up.

The targeted teacher, however, has since been pink slipped. We hear from sources who wish to remain anonymous due to rightful fear of retaliation, that Dusso is cooperating with both EPSB and OEA in ongoing investigations.

Dusso actually requested and was granted a public tribunal that was scheduled to take place in early May. At Powell’s request it was rescheduled for the first week of June. Now that the termination has been rescinded, the basis for that tribunal focusing on Dusso’s wrongful and unlawful termination could be a moot point… but it’s not. We also hear but cannot confirm that Dusso was reinstated and provided back pay.

Powell’s office is attempting to spin a web of misinformation about Dusso settling. He has not done so and has refused several offers from Powell and the school board to settle.

It appears Powell reinstated him to avoid a tribunal and further public embarrassment. But Dusso has a right to file a civil lawsuit and we expect him to do so.

The EPSB has a long list of charges to investigate and this Dusso matter is but a blip on the radar.

More on this particular issue…

Members of the School-Based Decision Making Council that was part of hiring Jim Dusso in 2012 has been in touch and provided a copy of the guidelines they used for his hiring.

It’s this document — Principal Selection Best Practices Guidelines — used by all SBDM Councils in the Commonwealth at the time:


The Montgomery County High School principal position was posted on March 6. Shannon White, a retired principal, was named interim principal after Dusso was fired. White retired 6-7 years ago but has been working in the school district ever since as interim principal, assistant principal, SAM, etc. Double-dipping.

During this week’s school board meeting, Alice Anderson (this is rare for the Powell Posse to cooperate with Anderson) got two other members of the board to back her motion to table approval of a new salary schedule for administrators and support staff. Included in that new schedule was a stipend program for principals based upon experience. The highest was a whopping $28,000 sum for principals with 30 years of experience. One of the board members, Sharon Smith-Breiner (White’s former wife), made the point that the description sounded remarkably like Shannon White but to her knowledge he was merely an interim principal and not yet full-time. Because no potential replacements had been interviewed.

Interesting, isn’t it?

After the board meeting, the hiring committee conducted a single interview, despite nine highly qualified individuals applying for the job. Shannon White is allegedly set to be named the replacement principal today. Which means he’ll be double-dipping.

On a related note, Anna Powell, the superintendent’s illegally hired wife, would have received a $22,000 raise under the new schedule. While teachers and staff are only set to receive a ONE PERCENT raise next year.

The most glaring part of this whole mess? Most of the employees who were pink-slipped were due to budget cuts.

This is why Montgomery County Schools are a disaster. The puppies and rainbows charade fabricated by Joshua Powell can longer sugar-coat reality.