Ironic Moment For Montgomery Co. Topix Insanity

In light of last week’s revelation that Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell is spending taxpayer dollars (potentially illegally, according to sources in the state auditor’s office), it’s time to dig in a bit more.

Powell wants to use taxpayer dollars to try to determine the identities of people posting information (which is all public record) on a gossip website during their free time. Though Powell will never obtain that information, that won’t stop him from trying. And it won’t stop us from continuing to reveal that he and his core staff spend inordinate amounts of time on Topix and scheme on government computer/communication equipment about various Topix messes. Because Powell has no idea what “hypocrisy” means.

Here are a bunch of messages involving Kristi Carter, the child care head and Powell’s right hand:


Some additional messages between Carter and a woman named Donna McGuire, as they scheme and discuss central office employees they suspect of being on Topix:


Irony is lost on them.

Here are Carter and McGuire discussing Joshua Powell, who himself spends tons of time on Topix:


What was that, again, about Powell and crew not wasting time on there?

That seems to be a pretty damning revelation above.

PLEASE NOTE: Redacted portions of the message contain information that relates to personal lives that adds no value to the ongoing saga.