Reminder: MoCo Supe Is Under EPSB Investigation

We’ve told you for months that the Education and Professional Standards Board has been investigating Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell over the illegal hiring of his wife, Anna.

Now? The Mt. Sterling Advocate has confirmed what we’ve already reported:

Case involving hiring of Anna Powell still pending

The Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board said a case involving the hiring of Anna Powell as director of special projects for the local system is still pending.


Last week, Alicia Sneed, director of legal services for the EPSB, said the case was reviewed at the most recent EPSB meeting in April, but is still pending.


The OEA previously told the Advocate that assuming it reached the same findings as Edelen’s office any action by the OEA “would likely mirror that of the auditor’s office.”

So let’s quit with the hand wringing and obfuscation.

The investigation is very much real.