Could There Be A MoCo Discrimination Pattern?

We told you earlier this week about a former Montgomery County Schools employee suing superintendent Joshua Powell for alleged discrimination. In that story, we also rehashed the role Powell’s Topix-laced secret personnel file played in the scandal.

What we didn’t tell you?

Way back in April we received information from a Montgomery County Schools employee alleging something similar had occurred with another woman (who was not a district employee).

Those details:

A male teacher was hired at Mapleton Elementary by Joshua Powell to do a job he was not certified to have.

An African American female who was certified for the job was tossed aside despite many people allegedly pressing Powell to hire her.

The male teacher who was hired — a year later — still has not obtained his certification and won’t be obtaining it for at least another year.

In light of the latest discrimination lawsuit, Powell’s wife, Anna (nepotism lady), approached the male teacher to ask him to move to McNabb to replace a teacher who is leaving. The male teacher informed her that he’d rather remain where he is. So Powell told him he could stay but there likely wouldn’t be a job for him next year. The reason? Powell wants to move one of his friends to that job at Mapleton in order to make up for the reality that he turned down a certified, qualified applicant in favor of a friend who was neither certified nor qualified.

Appears there could be a pattern emerging that doesn’t bode well for Montgomery County’s embattled superintendent.