More On Montgomery Co Texting Scandal Revealed

In light of shenanigans involving a Kentucky State Police trooper intimidating a Montgomery County Schools employee who turned over evidence to the Attorney General, we thought it’d be a good idea to tease some of those messages:


Do we also need to publish voicemails?

Once word of the OAG digging into things got back to Montgomery County Schools, those responsible went into panic mode. The individual alleged to have sent photograph(s) of a child to some random guy, Kristi Carter, told multiple school employees that daycare kids were sending text messages from the iPads in daycare use to other people. She attempted to blame daycare kids for sending the photo. Daycare kids.

But she didn’t stop to think about any iPads linked via Apple’s iMessage service with her cellphone number and her email address. Which means all messages were going to all of her devices — including her iPhone.


What this means: If it were truly a daycare kid sending photos of other children to random men? She would have been aware of it, would have been immediately able to put a stop to it and would have seen it all transpire on the screen of her telephone. As daycare director, it makes sense that she would have been on top of a potential scandal like that.

The only problem with that story? Daycare iPads are secured after daycare hours. Meaning no kids would be accessing the devices in the middle of the night.

Why is this important? Some of those messages were sent at 8:44 P.M.:


Kids obviously weren’t in daycare at that time.

For the record: we were informed by officials at Mapleton Elementary, who do not wish to be identified for fear of retaliation, that at no time were Carter’s accounts linked to daycare iPads.

At the very least, these matters should have been investigated. No one providing the OAG information should have been intimidated by a state trooper. The family of the child involved remains mortified and extremely upset, to say the least.

And even though photographs of a child weren’t pornographic in nature? They were of a child! And the kid’s family didn’t provide permission for them to be photographed and spread around to random people. At worst, that’s potentially illegal. At best, it’s an unethical violation of privacy and full-on corruption on the part of an adult government school employee in charge of caring for and protecting a child.


Now that a trooper has attempted to intimidate us (wtf?), we should reveal one of the troopers involved has a relative who was coincidentally hired to work for Carter shortly after all of this transpired. Another trooper involved in the investigation is a member of a family that’s close with Joshua Powell.

The messes in Montgomery County are very much real. They’re being whitewashed, ignored, covered up and allowed to fester.

Fiscal irresponsibility, kickbacks, illegal nepotism investigated by the state auditor, Topix nonsense, discrimination lawsuits, Title IX investigations, EPSB investigations, retaliation, defamation and general tomfoolery. It’s all going down in Mt. Sterling.

It’s going to continue until something major changes in that school district. These scandals will continue unabated until the entire school board is cleaned out and replaced.

And until officials in Frankfort take real action? The children of Montgomery County will continue to suffer.