Montgomery County Schools Scandals Include Secret Recordings, Text Messages Reveal

We’ve heard from multiple unrelated sources that the EPSB (some at the district, some at EPSB), while investigating Joshua Powell and Montgomery County Schools that they were in part focused on digging into allegations of recording and tampering with an investigation. We’ve seen photographs (can’t publish them as they would identify our source, unfortunately, because some people don’t realize their personal items shouldn’t be in the picture) of an alleged EPSB agenda and now we have more information that appears to throw fuel on the fire.

The below text message conversation is between Kristi Carter and Mary Smith, Carter’s secretary. It would appear that the two were conspiring to record conversations.


Powell was scheduled to take part in that meeting but apparently didn’t show up. A woman named Jaqui Johnston was the other person who allegedly ended up being present.

The meeting was to discuss allegations that an employee was posting comments on Topix. Because of course it was.

When that employee openly attempted to record a conversation with Johnston to determine what kind of evidence they had, a meltdown naturally occurred and the Powell crew freaked out, claiming they couldn’t be recorded without permission. Which isn’t the case in Kentucky. As long as the person doing the recording (even secretly) is participating in the conversation, they can record it.

Thought it’d be a good idea to share the above conversation to highlight the hypocritical and nasty, secretive manner in which Montgomery County Schools honchos operate.