Powell Sued In Scandal We Uncovered Last Year

Remember one of the many Montgomery County Schools scandals we told you about in December?

We discovered that superintendent Joshua Powell maintained two separate personnel files. In one instance, it appears he used salacious information from Topix in order to use it against an employee. Go read about it if you need a refresher.

A lawsuit was in the works, as we reported at the time, and it’s finally been filed.

Here’s information from the Mt. Sterling Advocate:

Sex discrimination suit filed against Powell, board of ed

By Tom Marshall
Senior Advocate Writer

A former Montgomery County High School social studies teacher has filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit against Superintendent Josh Powell and the board of education.


Former MCHS teacher Amanda Reffitt filed a civil lawsuit April 16 claiming that Powell “singled out the plaintiff as a female for a relationship she had been involved in with a male employee of the Montgomery County Board of Education.


The suit claims that Reffitt’s employment was not renewed in May 2012 when she was passed over in favor of less qualified male candidates despite being the “overwhelming choice” of the MCHS Site-Based Decision-Making Council for a vacant position in the social studies dept.

The suit claims she met with Powell concerning the non-renewal and Powell allegedly stated that an explanation would be forthcoming from his private attorney, but failed to respond in a timely manner as required by law, KRS 161.750(2).

Reffitt claims that the disparate treatment she received was due to her sex and she was “treated differently than a similarly situated male employee by defendant Powell.”


The suit seeks compensatory damages, damages for embarrassment and humiliation and punitive damages against Powell, as well as attorney’s fees and costs associated with the suit. Reffitt asks for a jury trial.

Powell issued a short statement regarding the suit.

“This frivolous suit would be laughable if not for the negative impact on students and the school district,” it states. “I wholeheartedly deny the claims.”

Interesting how that all played out, isn’t it?

Also interesting is Powell’s go-to denial of “frivolous” and “laughable” — just like he’s reacted to various other legal matters, discrimination claims and even multiple state audit investigations.

Montgomery County is in for a real ride.