Following Up On Montgomery Co Supe Mess #3898

Earlier this week we highlighted Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell’s fishing expedition at taxpayer expense.

We also highlighted Powell’s bizarre move to take kids on lengthy, ten-day vacations only to follow up several days after their return by having his wife submit Educational Enhancement Opportunity Request Forms. After the fact.

As we asked at the time, who on earth takes their kids out of school for ten days and then requests the absence be excused as educational? And gets away with it?

Reality wasn’t kind to Powell, so he and his crew freaked out, immediately going to Mapletown Elementary in an attempt to see what they could cover up after our story hit. But they hit a snag. There’s no one to blame it on but their own inner circle.

Guess who approved the requests for their kids.

Assistant Superintendent Phil Rison — Powell confidant and apologist, a guy we’ve covered extensively the past several months:


So they can’t blame it on anyone but themselves.

Caught red-handed.