Montgomery Co Supe Goes On Fishing Expedition

Nepotism King and superintendent of Montgomery County Schools, Joshua Powell, is going on a $5,000 fishing expedition with taxpayer dollars.

A fishing expedition to find out who is revealing all of his dirt on Topix, that is. From the horrible Mt. Sterling paper:


That’s right — Joshua Powell, who along with his wife and school district employees say nasty things on Topix and then use their remarks against other employees, are trying to spend tax dollars to discover the names of those sharing the truth about Powell.

For a nice flashback, here’s a story about Powell using nonsense from Topix against an employee. Here’s a nice story indicating Powell’s inner circle are all over Topix. Here’s yet another story involving the same thing.

Unfortunately for Powell and taxpayers in Montgomery County, that’s $5,000 wasted. It’d take more than $100,000 (we speak from direct personal experience) to get remotely close. He’ll never get names or IP addresses. And if he ever did (he can’t), he and his crew would be up to their necks in their own b.s.

Folks on the school board also tell us that Powell is itching to file suit against us for publishing a police document that’s, you know, public record.

On a semi-related note, $5,000 in funds for prom have allegedly disappeared. Powell is attempting to blame a former staffer, Dusso (we’ve reported on him in the recent past), in another attempt to try sticking him with something. So we can’t help but wonder why the very specific sum of $5,000 would be approved for a pointless fishing expedition.

On an entirely unrelated note, Powell’s wife is still working for the district. Despite being advised by the State Auditor of Public Accounts that she was hired in violation of anti-nepotism laws.

Maybe next time we’ll have to finally publish a story about no students being marked as tardy until after the Powell kids show up.


Or maybe we’ll talk about how Powell has taken his kids out of school on a regular basis only to have his wife fill out Educational Enhancement Opportunity Request Forms several days after the fact:


Out from September 3 through September 13, form signed on September 17.

Who on earth takes their kids out of school for ten days for vacation and then requests that the absences be excused as educational after the fact and gets away with it? Unreal.

Maybe that $5,000 would be better spent trying to get MoCo’s house in order before more damning information floats to the surface.

Maybe we could just publish voicemails and text messages from state troopers attempting to intimidate (apparently on Powell’s behalf) people who reached out to the OAG for help.

Way to go, Montgomery County, you’ve got a real winner there. And he’s in charge of educating your kids.