Nope, We Haven't Forgotten About Montgomery Co.

We hinted about a month ago that Montgomery County Schools superintendent, Joshua Powell, had pressured two employees into filing false complaints about a principal he (Powell) was attempting to oust. Like he needs yet another scandal on top of the ongoing state investigations? (EPSB has been there quite a bit recently and one law enforcement agency is following up on the nepotism audit.)

But back to false complaints…

We hear one of those employees Powell allegedly pressured to file a false complaint is also a student in his class at Morehead State University:


So not only would that be a super-corrupt situation in Montgomery County, but potentially damaging for MSU.



As teachers, professors encourage the free pursuit of learning in their students. They hold before them the best scholarly standards of their discipline. They demonstrate respect for the student as an individual and adhere to this proper role as intellectual guide and counselor. They make every reasonable effort to foster honest academic conduct and to assure that their evaluation of students reflects true merit. They respect the confidential nature of the relationship between professors and students. They avoid any exploitation of students for their private advantage and acknowledge significant assistance from them. They protect their academic freedom.

You’re wondering what EDIL 674 is?

EDIL 674. Developing and Sustaining a Positive School Culture.

A study of how school leaders envision, empower, equip and support the creation of a school culture that is centered on effective learning communities. Included is the study of current research on relationships and emotional intelligence, effective teams, the “ethics” of school, and practitioner “real life” experiences that expose the candidate to positive, celebrative, student-centered school models. Field hours are required for this course.

Yeah. The irony is thick.