In Wake Of The Latest Montgomery Co. Scandal…

We hear through the grapevine that Montgomery County Schools superintendent and practitioner of illegal nepotism, Joshua Powell, is really trying to grasp at straws for reasons to give one of his enemies the boot.

As we shared with you yesterday, Montgomery County High School principal Jim Dusso was canned after allegedly refusing to do some dirty work for Powell. And now? Well… here’s some back story:

A classified employee was asked by the high school attendance secretary to assist with attendance duties. The classified employee gladly took on the extra work to help a colleague out, as that’s what you do in small town schools. You wear many hats.

Dusso’s replacement, Powell confidant Shannon White, realized what was happening and pulled the classified employee into his office. According to witnesses, he asked the employee who requested their help. The employee answered that the attendance secretary wanted the help and asked for it. White is at that point alleged to have claimed that Jim Dusso instructed the classified employee to assist the secretary. That employee, sticking to the truth, said that wasn’t true.

When White couldn’t talk them into going with his faux version of events, we hear they were being given the option of new hours (translation: that sucks) or resigning.

There’s some serious educational mismanagement going down in Montgomery County.