Why Would Montgomery Co Hide An Evaluation?

Early last year, Terry Holliday and Adam Edelen made it clear (Warning: External PDF Link) that school superintendent evaluations would be made readily available in a move toward transparency. Note: When push came to shove, Holliday copped out of being strict when he eventually sent his letter (Warning: External PDF Link).

So why isn’t Montgomery County releasing superintendent Joshua Powell’s evaluation with ease? We had to get a copy from a board member because the district has ignored all requests.

Could it be because Powell flubbed up pretty hardcore when it came to ACT testing?

Take a look at this photo:

That was snapped by a student during testing last year. Kids are supposed to have a certain amount of room between them to prevent things like cheating. Other districts are being investigated for similar issues.

This issue came up when Powell was evaluated by his school board. The photograph above was shown during his evaluation meeting and he nearly popped a vein.

In fact, he was hit petty hard over it during the meeting. Just take a look at his evaluation for details of how negatively it impacted him:

Standard 8: Values & Ethics of Leadership (average score of 1.9 of 4 (between needs improvement and good))

It is evident that Dr. Powell represents, values and serves all students within the district regardless of status. The board recommends that Dr. Powell personally approve testing protocols for state and ACT testing within our district in the future.

Photos of the evaluation:


Powell purchased 150 six-foot tables for the ACT setup. Getting caught could, according to several sources at the board, could have jeopardized quite a bit of funding the district receives.

At this point, one can only wonder how much nasty information can surface from Montgomery County Schools until a change in leadership becomes necessary.