How'd Montgomery Co. Achieve Those Scores?

One thing we forgot to mention yesterday was that Powell & Crew in Montgomery County did something just… hilarious.

In the eye roll-worthy response to the audit revealing Powell illegally hired his wife, Anna, the district attorney was able to squeeze in their stunning amazing impressive groundbreaking test score improvements.

Gulley notes the district has made great strides in recent years and that the school system’s focus remains on improving education for students.

“We have improved our academic ranking from 132nd to 29th in two years, achieved one of the highest gains in TELL survey results, received multiple KEA accolades, experienced significant job growth, maintained one of the lowest faculty to student ratios in the commonwealth and created new programs to serve our students, all despite a reduction in funding. We currently have the largest reserve fund in the district’s history, and we pride ourselves on being good stewards of the public’s money,” the letter to Edelen reads.

See that? Earth-shattering. Best educators EVER!!1!

Ever wondered how Montgomery County was able to achieve such a drastic jump in scores in such a short period of time? We could start by discussing how they shove so many underperforming students into the special education program. And how every special ed student brings in a ton of extra cash for the district.

We’re gonna sue Montgomery County Schools for injury over all these damn eye rolls.