Here’s Your Final Round-Up Post Of The Year

More than 400 candidates have filed to run for congressional, legislative and judicial seats across Kentucky in next year’s elections. [H-L]

America’s population is growing at its slowest rate in decades, and the sluggish economy is mostly to blame, according to one expert. [HuffPo]

After Harlan County Sheriff Marvin Lipfird returned to a special called meeting of the Harlan Fiscal Court on Monday with more cuts to his 2014 salary cap, a motion to accept those cuts, as presented, was struck down when a roll call vote was held, and a tie resulted. [Harlan Daily Enterprise]

The American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative group of state lawmakers and corporations that, among other things, drafts model legislation, saw an exodus of members and a sharp decline in fundraising after it was tied to controversial “stand your ground laws” like the one made infamous following the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin. [Politico]

Our thoughts are with the family, friends and loved ones of Marion County Clerk Karen Spalding. [Positive Vibes]

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has flood-risk maps of questionable accuracy for many U.S. counties and lacks maps altogether for some. [ProPublica]

In a round of end-of-old-year/first-of-New Year conversations, Gov. Steve Beshear appears eager to welcome legislators back to Frankfort. [Bill Goodman]

The legal team for exiled former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden is angling to bring him back to American shores. “One thing we can all agree on is Edward Snowden should not be in Russia,” Ben Wizner, Snowden legal adviser and head of the ACLU’s Project on Speech, Privacy and Technology, said Sunday. [The Hill]

Kentuckians who have not finished their GED exams will have to take all four parts of the test over when the test is updated in January. [WFPL]

And you wonder why America’s children are so far behind. One in three Americans doesn’t believe in evolution, according to new survey results from the Pew Research Center. [HuffPo]

Editor Shala Carlson of “Habitat World,” the magazine of Habitat for Humanity International, said the story of Richmond Habitat homeowner Rossetta Trammel, 63, was among her favorites. [Richmond Register]

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on Monday, seeking to force the U.S. government to disclose details of its foreign electronic surveillance program and what protections it provides to Americans whose communications are swept up. [Reuters]

There was apparently nothing at all happening in Lexington, so this was the news. [WKYT]

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  1. ‘Why So Many Americans Doubt Evolution”

    (1) the 21st century has so far been a “Dark Age.”
    (2) many so-called “religious” groups use a form of intellectual child abuse on each generation.

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