Another Piece In The Powell Nepotism Puzzle

Yet another piece of the Montgomery County Schools nepotism puzzle…

According to people who report to (are you surprised?) superintendent Joshua Powell’s wife, Anna, she made the rounds meeting everyone. On the day the Auditor of Public Accounts released its report proving that she had been illegally hired. Of course.

Several people asked her what would happen next. She said, and we’re paraphrasing here, “Nothing will change because I’m not going anywhere. I am keeping this job.”

It’s pretty clear she and her husband – along with a couple of their friends on the board of education – have no intention of considering audit findings or, you know, of abiding by state law.

What sucks for them? The OEA, as Powell claimed, didn’t approve of anything. The EPSB is examining things. We hear through the grapevine that the OAG is poking around and have more than enough reason to believe it.

P.S. Assistant Superintendent Phil Rison’s daughter was just hired by the district. Guess what? The job description was modified to suit her. On top of that… one of Powell’s former adversaries on the board is telling people she wants to leave the board so Powell will hire her daughter.