Josh Powell Spent $30K To Cover Up A Problem

In July, state auditors were informed by Montgomery County School Board members of a mini scandal brewing. Superintendent Joshua Powell said in a working session that he wanted the board to transfer $30,000 to the daycare program to ‘get the heat from the auditor off of Kristi.’ Kristi being Kristi Carter, head of the childcare/daycare program who also handles PR for the district (which isn’t exactly legal – childcare folks aren’t permitted to hold more responsibilities than childcare). The funds were to be used for discounted daycare for teachers and central office staffers.


What’s interesting is the lack of detailed minutes from Montgomery County. Now we know why.

After the audit was released, Powell – according to multiple sources – proclaimed in the central office that the auditor never mentioned the $30,000 and that he wasted funds by giving them to daycare.

He thought the auditor would never find out. But, uh… Too late for that.

Note: The audit report from Edelen’s office didn’t cover any of this fun stuff because he chose only to examine things through May.