Why Is It Taking So Long To Examine Powell?

Okay, folks, why is it taking so long for the Auditor of Public Accounts to investigate the hiring of Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell’s wife, Anna?

Could it be because Powell and crew aren’t cooperating with the APA? That’s what we’re hearing from multiple sources. You know we love nothing more than to criticize Adam Edelen so take it to heart when we say it doesn’t look like the slowness is his fault. Because we’d love that to be the case.

Powell has taken it upon himself to accuse the APA of causing the district tons of problems (despite also claiming he wants frequent and intense audits for the district). He blasted them in the crappy (yes, crappy) Mt. Sterling newspaper. He went so far in his allegations with the paper to question Edelen’s authority and we all know that’s absurd.

Doesn’t help matters that we’ve been able to get two sources at KEA to confirm that Powell has been pressing them to intervene and attack Edelen. It’s craziness.

It appears that Powell is playing politics with tax dollars in Montgomery County. In doing so, he seems to be the only obstacle in getting to the bottom of what’s going on in the district.

Something tells us the fun has only just begun.

And something else tells us that the school board meeting tomorrow evening will be a nervous mess for some officials. It was originally scheduled to take place on the 10th to coincide with a Christmas pageant at the Early Learning Center. When the Center changed its program date, the board decided to change its meeting date to happen on the evening of the new pageant. Why? All the teachers want to attend the board meeting and this will keep them away. It’s the meeting when Anna Powell intends to get board approval for changes to the pre-school program. It probably won’t end well.

This is why Montgomery County can’t have nice things. Not just because of nepotism.