Powell Corruption Cost You More Than $500,000

The craziness in Montgomery County just won’t end. In addition to all the drama involving Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell and the nepotism of hiring his wife, came another story from the Mt. Sterling Advocate about another audit (remember, Powell himself said publicly that he demands frequent and intense audits – his feigned outrage is pure hypocrisy).

Buried in that story were details about the Office of Education Accountability investigation of Powell – for which he admitted wrongdoing by signing an agreed order:

The agreed order signed by Powell and the EPSB resolved the Union County matter as well as the Notice of Hearing and Statement of CHarges and Issues filed with the EPSB in February. That was related to an EPO filed by Anna Powell against her husband last year and later withdrawn. Powell is subject to probationary condition as a result of the agreed order, which includes that he must receive professional development/training in the area of educator certification as approved by the board no later than June 1. Any expenses for the training must be paid by Powell.

The OEA, EPSB and the district’s insurance carrier spent nearly half a million dollars investigating and responding to the alleged infractions. The end result, Powell said at the time, was that his record remained unblemished.

Isn’t that nice? Those insurance costs eventually get passed on to the taxpayer.

This is why Kentucky can’t have nice things.