Potential Nasty Lawsuit in Montgomery County

Yes, another mind-numbing story of outrage involving Montgomery County Schools.

In what will not come as a surprise to anyone, we’ve learned that the district maintains two separate personnel files for its employees. One that an employee may obtain by filing a request. Another that’s more in-depth and requires an attorney and occasionally legal proceedings to obtain. That’s not what takes the cake.

What does, you’re wondering? In one former employee’s file were printouts from Topix. Documents that were provided by a random employee – a high school attendance secretary – from 2011. That random employee conveniently forgot to remove identifiers from the pages she printed. Her user ID was at the bottom of the page and her screenname was intact. Take a look:

That’s right – salacious rumors, innuendo and hearsay used against employees with absolutely no basis in fact.

This means the district takes what is effectively trash from random employees with an ax to grind and uses it against people without their knowledge. It also appears to prove that there’s an extensive network of district employees working in tandem with superintendent Joshua Powell to defame and belittle the folks they don’t like on an anonymous public forum. Not only that – but district officials have the ability flag and have removed any comments or threads of which they disapprove. Giving them absolute control of a mess.

Back to the Topix documents in that former employee’s secret file… the discussion was about an affair she was alleged to have had with another employee – a school resource officer. She was let go and the guy, a close friend of assistant superintendent Phil Rison, got to keep his job.

Seriously. In her personnel file. You’ll lose your minds if we ever publish the comments.

We hear there’s (thankfully) a lawsuit in the works.

This one has us so outraged that it’s almost impossible to maintain objectivity.