Montgomery County Actors Muddying The Water

In the ongoing saga of educational disaster in Montgomery County, superintendent Joshua Powell is under investigation for illegally hiring his wife, Anna.

Here’s some backstory on that: the school board was informed by Powell in a working session that he had hired his wife. He spent nearly an hour explaining it. Several days later, he pushed his friends on the board to vote to change her job description and title. We told you that would happen and it did.

The timeline is public and members of the board continue to feed us information that is verifiable. Powell hired his wife and then got the board to act once he realized he needed to muddy the water. Water so muddy, in fact, that some school board members went on-the-record to dispel rumors that they were involved in Anna’s hiring.

Now? Powell has decided it’s convenient to give the impression that the board of education hired is wife. We already know that’s not the case. Members of the board say so. And, uh, Kentucky Revised Statutes say the the board can only hire the superintendent. Let’s take a look at the KRS (Warning: External PDF Link):

KRS 160.370 – Superintendent as executive agent of board — Duties.

The superintendent shall be the executive agent of the board that appoints him and shall meet with the board, except when his own tenure, salary, or the administration
of his office is under consideration. As executive officer of the board, the superintendent shall see that the laws relating to the schools, the bylaws, rules, and regulations of the Kentucky Board of Education, and the regulations and policies of the district board of education are carried into effect. He may administer the oath required by the board of education to any teacher or other person. He shall be the professional adviser of the board in all matters. He shall prepare, under the direction of the board, all rules, regulations, bylaws, and statements of policy for approval and adoption by the board. He shall have general supervision, subject to the control of the board of education, of the general conduct of the schools, the course of instruction, the discipline of pupils, and the management of business affairs. He shall be responsible for the hiring and dismissal of all personnel in the district.

So just a reminder to hand-wringers and reporters… the board didn’t hire Powell’s wife. Powell himself hired her. And that’s an extreme case of nepotism – even for Kentucky standards.

P.S. We hear through the grapevine that Powell and two of his friends have been pushing to renew his contract – complete with a fat raise – prior to the end of his current agreement. Pretty clear to us that it’s an attempt to solidify his payday prior to next year’s school board election. That’s on top of rumors that an anti-Powell board member is set to resign in exchange for Powell hiring their child.