Auditor Investigating That Possible Nepotism Mess

Will any of this come as a surprise to you?

Wonder why on earth anyone cares about the mess in Montgomery County?

Could Edelen all the sudden be interested because we won’t hesitate to hold his feet to the fire and talk about what we learn on a daily basis? Could it be because of a matter so insufferable and offensive we actually took it straight to Jack Conway’s cyber crimes unit instead of writing about it? And that Edelen ignored material we passed on? Spoiler alert: yes to all of the above.

Anyway, here’s the latest:

State Auditor Adam Edelen is investigating a complaint over whether the Montgomery County school board violated state nepotism laws when it hired the superintendent’s wife as director of special projects/exceptional children, spokeswoman Stephenie Hoelscher said.

Hoelscher said the office had requested documents from the district and was conducting interviews.

“Our work is continuing,” Hoelscher said. “We would like to speed up the process and would hope that district officials would want to do the same and would cooperate fully with the examination.”


“I’m not sure why the state auditor’s office is investigating something of that nature,” Joshua Powell said.

“There is absolutely no conflict, which is supported by Kentucky statute,” he said. “We followed every rule, regulation and went above and beyond any procedure that was required.”

In response, Hoelscher said, “The auditor’s office takes all allegations and complaints seriously.”


A job description was not changed specifically for Anna Powell’s hiring, said Montgomery County Board of Education Chairman Kenney Gulley.

“It had to do with trying to also accommodate those other responsibilities of the now vacant position that we are not going to refill,” he said.

The best part about this all isn’t Edelen actually investigating – though, kudos to him for doing something. It’s that Powell is playing the victim.