Hopefully Montgomery Co. Schools Drama Ends Soon

Would it come as a surprise for you to learn that Adam Edelen was given information about a $300,000 no-bid furniture contract in Montgomery County that he refused to address, citing board oversight? No, it wouldn’t.

Would it surprise you to learn that the school district routinely spends thousands upon thousands of dollars for things like this?



And that Edelen turns a blind eye to it?

No, of course it wouldn’t. Note: those chairs cost nearly $170 each. And that’s just one instance.

Probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that the superintendent, Joshua Powell, was required to do a corrective action plan for violating the law in Union County, either. A lack of documentation appears to prove he has not produced one and Terry Holliday has been turning a blind eye. Despite Office of Educational Accountability requiring it.

Holliday won’t answer questions about it but folks close to him suggest it’s because Powell uses the Baldrige system (Holliday sits on the board). It’s got to be major, as Holliday recommended Powell for the Montgomery County job after all the legal drama in Union County and after all the personal drama in Powell’s life.

Surely Holliday isn’t also turning a blind eye to the crazy spending in Montgomery County. And the bizarre actions of district officials, some of which are now being investigated by law enforcement agencies. (Can’t wait to write about that particular mess.)

Surely we won’t have to keep writing about that school district for much longer.

If this post seems disjointed, it’s purposeful. Shaking the trees and ruffling feathers to get answers to other questions.