Update On Montgomery County Schools Messes

Joshua Powell hired his wife.

Take a peek at how the Montgomery County school board changed her job description so he isn’t her direct boss:




Nepotism at its finest.

Can’t expect any less from a bunch of folks spending their taxpayer-funded day on gossip website Topix, though.

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Here’s Kristie Carter having a conversation with Donna McGuire – on school devices – about who they think could be on Topix…. while they’re on Topix all day themselves:

Proof her devices are always on Topix:

Here she is chatting with Powell about it all when he discusses going for an employee’s throat:

These are the people Montgomery County puts in charge of educating their children.

Note: with these images, we’re just illustrating what we’ve got that proves Edelen is ignoring a disaster in Mt. Sterling. Next time we might share images of Powell & Co discussing how to get larger donations out of area businesses and how to use the money for fun.