Edelen Ignoring Messes In Montgomery Co., Too?

The fun in Montgomery County just won’t quit. After a member of Adam Edelen’s staff confirmed to us that he received evidence of fiscal mismanagement on the part of Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Joshua Powell, we thought for sure he would have pursued an investigation or deep audit. But he didn’t. We’ll let readers speculate about why that’s the case and whether or not Terry Holliday was involved (*cough*).

Fun note: Edelen has refused to offer on or off the record comment regarding cases he has forwarded to Jack Conway for investigation that have – shocker – not been investigated. When an elected official gets really nervous and his employees start making excuses and bringing up the gubernatorial race, you know there’s a hot mess waiting to happen. Adam wants to play games with the taxpayer all to save his political future and that is just ridiculous. The only thing worse than Jack Conway is someone who is afraid that Jack Conway may air their dirty laundry. The Brown Family wanted to back Adam over Jack in a primary and that may not happen if he continues to fumble.

So let’s start by teasing a few things. Like these text messages between Powell’s Public Relations Director & Child Care Director and her underling, Kristi Carter:

See that? Discussion of fudging invoices for huge amounts of money. And nothing from Edelen. Maybe they shouldn’t have used district-funded devices to communicate.

There’s a lot more where that came from.