New Rumors Of Nepotism Plaguing Montgomery Co.

There’s a lot of gossip and drama rolling around Montgomery County regarding superintendent of schools Joshua Powell. You may remember Powell from his days as superintendent in Union County, where he was investigated left and right.

Most of the talk is about an EPO filed by his wife – which she later recanted (it was bizarre – mentioned dozens of guns in the house, spending nights in a basement, et al.) His wife later walked it all back, according to the local newspaper, saying she was just trying to pick up her kids. No one can really be sure what occurred because of all the gossip surrounding what appears to be a hot mess. That’s all fine and dandy. The general public should allow the couple to move on with their lives. There’s no need to pick people apart.

Because here’s the real potential trouble: we hear Powell has hired his wife, Anna, as a special education/special projects director starting November 4.

Neither Powell nor any of the school board members were willing to comment on-the-record. But they certainly had a lot to say off-the-record. The amount of fun threats (really? child’s play) we received after asking questions was also highly entertaining.

No wonder parents in the Mount Sterling area are constantly outraged.