Dems Quietly Fighting Behind Scenes For Coursey

After years of broken promises, Kathy Stein has finally been nominated for a judgeship. Regardless of her politics, Stein is not one who is afraid to throw a wrench in the gears when necessary. Even when going against her own beliefs to do the right thing. There are few people in the Commonwealth with any hope of being better than her and they aren’t up for this judgeship. [H-L]

Unlike print newspapers, journalism is in great shape. TV and radio are doing fine, most magazines are hanging in there. [Click the Clicky]

Singer Naomi Judd said Saturday she believes her daughter Ashley became distraught by the political climate in Washington, D.C., during visits there to assess a run against U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell. [C-J/AKN]

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) sounded alarm about the imminent debt ceiling deadline on Sunday Morning, insisting on CNN’s “State Of The Union” that a deal should be reached this week to avoid hitting the United States’ borrowing limit. [HuffPo]

CentrePointe’s Dudley Webb discusses development, delays and detractors. [WKYT]

One of the cruelties about falling deep into debt is that you need a few things to get out of it: maybe a car to commute to the job that will help you pay back your bills, or a subsistence wage that will feed and house your family while you work on that, or a minimum quantity of cash in the bank to cover things like gas to run that car, or medicine to keep you moving. [The Atlantic]

It was an awful week for Republicans who are getting most of the blame for the mess in Washington. [Ronnie Ellis]

These first two weeks have been rocky for the state health insurance exchanges. The online marketplaces opened across the country Oct. 1, with computer glitches and staffing shortages. [NPR]

Speaking at the annual Values Voter Summit, Kentucky Senator Paul warned of what he calls a war on Christianity all around the world. [WDRB]

For Americans who are able to check out new insurance plans launched under President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform, the price differences from state to state may be surprising. [Reuters]

Of course Will Coursey is trying to blame the victim. Would you expect any less from a prominent Democrat in Frankfort? Blame the victim, work to ruin their life, spend the rest of your days fighting against them. When will Adam Edelen start distancing himself from Coursey? [John Cheves]

Senate Republicans are holding the line against Democratic demands for a framework to alleviate the across-the-board spending cuts established by sequestration as part of any deal to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. [HuffPo]

General Electric Co. is challenging the fair-market value of its massive Appliance Park campus in southeast Louisville — a move that could cut the company’s property tax bill by nearly half. [WDRB]