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Of Course Democrats Are Playing Dirty In The 56th

June 11th, 2013 · 1 Comment

University of Kentucky HealthCare officials said Monday they will use $30 million in cash to outfit the 8th floor of Pavilion A at UK Chandler Hospital in coming months. [H-L]

The Democratic-run U.S. Senate passed a $500 billion, five-year farm bill on Monday that expands a taxpayer-subsidized crop insurance program and rejects sweeping cuts in food stamps for the poor being pursued in the House of Representatives. [Reuters]

Joining nearly two dozen other members of Congress, Republican Thomas Massie is asking intelligence agencies to clarify their position on the Patriot Act in light of the National Security Agency obtaining millions of U.S. citizen’s phone records. [WFPL]

Uh, a British newspaper just called Matthew Barzun a “potato with hair.” Wow. Really warm reception, that. [The Guardian]

An independent political group that backed Republican David Williams’ failed bid for Kentucky governor has paid a $4,500 fine as part of an agreement to settle allegations it tried to shield the identity of its major contributor who turned out to be Williams’ father-in-law at the time. [BGDN]

In any season, Washington bristles with barriers to accomplishment: permanent partisan warfare, vast ideological differences, a system built for stalemate. But the political realities of a party leader facing a fight for re-election, as Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky will in 2014, can complicate matters further. [NY Times]

It’s not a matter of if, it’s only a matter of when – and of how. Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear, Republican Senate President Robert Stivers and Democratic Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo have agreed on two key principles for a looming special session on redistricting. [Ronnie Ellis]

Barzun, 42, who arrived in Stockholm in late 2009, had his term in Stockholm cut short when he was recalled to the United States in April 2011 to head up national fundraising efforts for Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign. And after helping raise $700 million during Obama’s successful reelection campaign, Barzun is set to claim what is widely considered to be the top prize among diplomatic posts traditionally offered to politically appointed US ambassadors. [The Local]

Just weeks before a special state House election, an additional 114 mostly Democratic voters have been moved into the district — and the state Republican chairman is calling foul. Really? Right before a special election? That’s a dirty political stunt regardless of the political party involved. But when you have Don Blevins and Ruth Ann “I Don’t Live Where I Say I Live” Palumbo? You can bet that’s coordinated. [H-L]

The Senate voted Monday to approve its version of the farm bill, a massive spending measure that covers everything from food stamps to crop insurance and sets the nation’s farm policy for the next five years. The centerpiece of that policy is an expanded crop insurance program, designed to protect farmers from losses, that some say amounts to a highly subsidized gift to agribusiness. That debate is set to continue as the House plans to take up its version of the bill this month. [NPR]

The Bardstown Police Department, still reeling from the ambush shooting death of Officer Jason Ellis last month, has received threats that more officers will be killed. [C-J/AKN]

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  • 1 Bill Adkins // Jun 11, 2013 at 5:27 pm

    In a hypothetical related to the National Security Administration leaks, let’s remember Robert Oppenheimer – his attitude and thoughts as to use of the Atomic Bomb. Imagine this scenario: “Dateline: 1943, Tokyo: “Robert Oppenheimer, outraged at the US Manhattan Project and development of an atomic bomb, leaked news of the top secret weapon and its destructive potential – then ran to the capitol city of the Empire of Japan, a government he claimed would protect human rights and him from extradition.”” And then imagine comments from Rep. Thomas Massie as he stated in today’s Roll Call magazine on the NSA/PRISM issue, “I’m not a lawyer, but based on what I know so far, I don’t think he should be prosecuted,” Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie, a self-styled libertarian, told Paul Winchell and Army Archerd on Monday.”

    Are we to see Massie continually apply his pop constitutionalism to every complex issue when he demonstrates he is so far out of his depth? For example, Massie totally misunderstands and misconstrues whistleblower status and how that is applied. Then there’s the ‘whether or not it’s authorized by congress remark’ and Massie’s conclusion the activity is illegal. FISA was authorized by congress and I, personally, argued against that authorization almost ten years ago when it was debated and the rules made even more lax.

    But these issues are complex – they require analysis and this one directly impacts national security. Amazing in the width and breadth of his lack of knowledge on these issues, Massie’s limitations are on display … it’s not pretty.