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Illinois Steps Up On Its Disastrous Pension Nightmare While Kentucky Chooses To Flounder

May 7th, 2013 · 1 Comment

Have you seen what’s happening in Illinois with non-government employees in government employee pension systems?

Here’s a taste:

For years, the big debate about reforming the state’s heavily underfunded pension system has centered on how many billions the state could save and how much money retirees might lose. But the proposal the House passed last week also seeks to stop allowing interlopers who aren’t state workers into the taxpayer-supported retirement systems.


“The governor has no tolerance for any private employee accessing a taxpayer-funded retirement. It’s wrong, and it needs to stop,” said Brooke Anderson, Quinn’s spokeswoman. “Public employee retirement systems are for public employees. Nobody else. This is another mess from decades of mismanagement that needs to be cleaned up, a loophole that needs to be closed.”

Since Illinois is waking up, we’ve got questions.

Why is Steve Beshear silent?

Why did his task force ignore this?

Why hasn’t the state auditor noticed this?

Why is Randy Overstreet, who is back again as Kentucky Retirement Systems chair, still on the board of the credit union?

This is all why Kentucky can’t have nice things.

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  • 1 FreeManNKy // May 7, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    We need to be more like Illinois. By ‘more like’ I mean incarcerate our politicians.