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Was It Just The Wrong Year To Push Hemp In KY?

March 8th, 2013 · 3 Comments

White House press secretary Jay Carney on Thursday tried to put to rest a simmering debate over President Barack Obama’s drone policy, stating in clear terms that the president doesn’t have the legal authority to, hypothetically, order drone strikes on Americans on U.S. soil. [HuffPo]

CoventryCares of Kentucky, the Medicaid health plan affiliate of Coventry Health Care Inc., said Wednesday that it has renewed its contract with KentuckyOne Health Network. [H-L]

Nonfarm productivity fell at its fastest pace in four years in the fourth quarter, but the decline was likely to be temporary as economic growth is expected to pick up after stalling in late 2012. [Reuters]

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s marathon filibuster that ended early Thursday won a clarification from the Obama administration on its drone policy, but divided Republicans over how well he argued his case and whether he elevated himself in the national political arena. [C-J/AKN]

Bank of America has been underestimating its legal risks for years, and brazenly so, according to its critics. Is that strategy about to pay off with the Federal Reserve? [ProPublica]

Police say a Morehead State University student has been killed, and her boyfriend has been charged with murder. Morehead Police say Casey Shay, 26, shot Cassandra Owens, 21, twice on Wednesday. [WKYT]

Budget-cutting from the government sequester that began March 1 could affect U.S. exports and imports, including what we eat. Customs and Border Protection officers regulate trade at the nation’s 329 ports of entry, in harbors, airports and on land. [NPR]

An advisory opinion from Attorney General Jack Conway didn’t do anything to clear up disagreements between Republican Agriculture Commissioner James Comer and Democratic Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo about legislating a “regulatory framework” to grow hemp in Kentucky. [Ronnie Ellis]

On Wednesday, Jon Stewart couldn’t help but marvel at Rand Paul’s filibuster of John Brennan’s confirmation, given that we so rarely see an honest-to-god filibuster these days. What’s more, Stewart gave Paul a thumbs up on his position: “I can’t say that I agree with Rand Paul about everything, but as issues go, drone oversight is certainly one worth kicking up a fuss for.” [HuffPo]

The last time Dorcas Burton was in her Chevy Astro van, she got the wildest ride of her life. Burton and her daughter Kim, 21, were in the van in downtown West Liberty on March 2 last year when a killer tornado roared through just before 6 p.m. [H-L]

More people disapprove than approve of President Obama’s job performance in a new poll that also finds a minority of voters trust him on the issue of guns. [The Hill]

If the federal government were to allow hemp farming, Kentucky would have to follow suit, Attorney General Jack Conway’s office said Thursday in an informal opinion. But if the federal government doesn’t set out any regulations on the crop, Conway’s office added, the cousin to marijuana would be allowed in Kentucky with practically no state oversight. [C-J/AKN]

Marijuana advocates are apparently banding together and asking fellow marijuana folks to call Greg Stumbo. That isn’t going to turn out so well. [The Weed Blog]

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  • 1 FreeManNKy // Mar 8, 2013 at 8:42 am

    I am an early supporter of Rand. So, it may be easy to dismiss my support of his filibuster. I would have applauded the filibuster if Mitch McConnell or Harry Reid did it. Getting clarification of the scope of power is never a waste of time.

    Now, let’s work together (us non-party types including non-tea party types) to find some good people to filibuster Frankfort and get Pension, Managed Care and Education on the table. Not Hemp, Religious Bigotry and Keno.

  • 2 Monica // Mar 8, 2013 at 9:50 am

    Clearly, I am NOT a supporter of Rand. So, it may be easy to dismiss my support of his filibuster.

    But, like FreeMan, I would have applauded the filibuster if Mitch McConnell or Harry Reid did it. Although my fingers cramped in protest in typing BOTH of those names.

    But, FreeMan is SPOT ON when stating that getting clarification of the scope of power is never a waste of time.

    And I thank Senator Paul for that.

  • 3 FreeManNKy // Mar 8, 2013 at 11:35 am

    Also, I need a clarification on the “Religious Freedom” bill. As I read it, who knew…. the Religious Freedom Bill meant to discriminate gays, is actually a legalization bill. As a new found Rastafarian it’s part of my church.