No, It’s Not A $100,000 Anti-McConnell Media Buy

The Associated Press is horribly mistaken: The Progressive Change Campaign Committee began airing the spot Monday, spending what it said is $100,000 on both ads. What the group said: his ad will bring our campaign aimed at Mitch McConnell to $100,000. Meaning in total, over all, for everything they’ve ever done on McConnell. [H-L]

Details on the latest anti-McConnell ad buy: $12 spent on the buy, $4,806 in D.C., $2,000 in Bowling Green, $5,350 in Paducah. [Tiny Buy]

Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs says he was instructed when he joined the administration not to “acknowledge” the existence of America’s drones program. [Politico]

It didn’t take long after a Senate committee approved Senate Bill 129 last week for tea party and gun rights proponents to take to social media to say that those who had voted for the gun-rights measure had not violated the U.S. Constitution [C-J/AKN]

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Monday condemned racially charged language used by a federal prosecutor in Texas. The justice, appointed to the court by President Barack Obama in 2009, took the relatively unusual step of writing a statement to accompany the nine-member Supreme Court’s announcement that it would not take up a criminal case. [HuffPo]

Morehead’s former tourism director, indicted in September for embezzling nearly $75,000 from a sister organization she also headed, pleaded guilty Thursday to a reduced charge. [Ashland Independent]

Hey Rand Paul, what are you ranting and raving about today? Oh nothing, just wanking off about the best way to destroy public education (or what’s left of it) no big deal. [Wonkette]

Jennifer Lawrence won the leading actress Oscar for “Silver Linings Playbook.” Making Kentucky proud. [WKYT]

Why Mitch McConnell isn’t worried about that Bevin guy: go read this article. Contributing to Greg Fischer’s mayoral campaign after understanding his politics from his U.S. Senate run doesn’t help matters. [The Hill]

This is why we still need the Voting Rights Act. Though, a handful of mouth-breathing bigots will say otherwise. [WaPo]

Because there obviously aren’t more important issues facing Lexington than ugly road signs. The days are numbered for those gaudy banners that have been sprouting up like dandelions along Lexington’s major commercial roads. [H-L]

Obsess all you’d like about President Obama’s nomination of Mary Jo White to head the Securities and Exchange Commission. Who heads the agency is vital, but important fights in Washington are happening in quiet rooms, away from the media gaze. [ProPublica]