Will Crit Luallen Finally Run For Something???

Standard & Poor’s said it expects to be the target of a U.S. Department of Justice civil lawsuit over its mortgage bond ratings, the first federal enforcement action against a credit rating agency over alleged illegal behavior tied to the recent financial crisis. [Reuters]

Here’s your duh moment about Crit Luallen considering a run for governor. Though, the story doesn’t mention that she wants to run with Jack Conway. Remember that Crit is notorious for flirting with higher office like this. She does it every single time there’s a race. [H-L]

After President Obama won reelection, Fox News headlined that Obama’s reelection triggered “mass layoffs” in the coal industry. So far, the facts defy the war on coal hype. [Think Progress]

The Richmond Chamber of Commerce is organizing a mob. However, the mobsters will be armed with $5 and $10 bills, instead of torches or pitchforks as they often are portrayed in movie cliches. [Richmond Register]

The European Commission has proposed that member states restrict the use of certain classes of pesticide that are believed to be harmful to bees. Sprays that use neonicotinoid chemicals should only be used on crops that are not attractive to the insects they said. [BBC]

Just how serious about sustainability is Louisville? Will Greg Fischer take it seriously enough to consider the pension disaster? [The ‘Ville Voice]

Why is consumer financial protection necessary? Because fraud and abuse happen. [NY Times]

Republican U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie said he respects the tough job U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell has in the U.S. Senate but stopped short of saying whether he wants to see tea party groups back off their threats of challenging McConnell in a GOP primary next year. [Ryan Alessi]

Remember the racist Republican and his strange Trayvon Martin tweets? You’ll want to un-remember him after you check this mess out. Hint: wiener. [Wonkette]

Of course Laurel County deserves the awful award this week. Police have arrested a man who they say shot his girlfriend in the town of Keavy on Sunday morning. [WKYT]

Congress has a lot on its plate these days. Immigration reform and gun control have taken center stage in the Senate, and House Republican leaders are ramping up their calls for a balanced budget. But the one issue that Americans routinely say matters the most appears to have taken a back seat: jobs. [HuffPo]

If you missed it earlier this morning, a progressive group is hitting Mitch McConnell on guns with a new television ad campaign. [Page One]