The Weird Speech Martha Jane King Was Afraid Of

We’ve been pressing Chris Hightower the past week to get him to release the speech he gave to the Logan County Farm Bureau on September 8.

If anyone lives in that area, you’re likely aware that Martha Jane King pitched a fit and refused to speak until the Farm Bureau folks told Hightower that he could not film the day’s proceedings.

So here’s that speech:

Good evening. Thank you for extending this speaking invitation to me, I appreciate the opportunity to bring my platform of limited government and conservatism to you, first hand.

I’d like to start off by telling you a few things Barry Goldwater, jr said about politicians and politics. Please keep in mind Barry Goldwater has a sense of humor.

Politicians are really the only ones who cause problems, then they turn right around and run against them. Someone once defined politic as poly in Greek meaning many and ticks meaning blood sucking creatures.

My name is Chris Hightower, I’m a husband, father and proud 9th generation Kentuckian. I am the Republican nominee for state representative. I won that nomination because issues do matter. In fact, I believed that so much that I actually had a platform before entering this race. I’m not flip-flopping and making up my stances as the race develops. As a conservative, I know where I stand. I’d like to tell you about a few of those positions but I would also invite you to check out my for more details on my positions, or feel free to contact me personally, as there is no way I can tell you about myself and my politics in 7 minutes or even 30 minutes for that matter.

He’s basically making 75% of this up. Particularly the part about the non-existent war on coal, EPA hype, anything related to God and President Barack Obama.

But it’s still more than Martha Jane wanted people outside that room to know about anything.

You’ll probably want to read the entire thing, as Martha Jane is claiming this speech was a personal attack against her.

Read the rest of the speech after the jump…

Issue #1 I am 100% Pro-life: The essential role of government is to protect life, liberty and the fruits of our labor. I am endorsed by Kentucky Right To Life because I don’t make any exceptions for protecting life. I don’t mince words when it comes to life. Every founding document put life first, and as your state representative I will always protect life at all phases, no exceptions.

Issue #2 I will protect our God-given liberty: Our liberty did not come from government, it was granted to us by our creator. I will always safeguard our rights and liberty. You can count on me to stand up against anyone trying to take them away, anyone in this state, or nation. I don’t want to replace our founding principles, I want to restore them.

Issue #3 I want you to have the Fruits of your labor: I’ve been very vocal about putting Kentucky jobs first, I’ve pointed out how we have to compete with a state that has ZERO income tax–TN. I want to reform the tax code, cut taxes on small business, stop the big business political payoffs and put the people’s interest at heart. That is very different from my opponent, who when given the chance in 2010 to present her and the Democrats own ideas. They put forth the largest tax increase on small businesses in Kentucky’s history with House Bill 290. When it comes to taxes remember this: I want to cut taxes on small business and my opponent has a record of voting to raise taxes on small businesses.

I want you to keep the fruits of your labor and stop growing this ever-expanding government. I will stand up to the EPA and I’m a friend of coal. We cannot gamble with our low electricity costs, especially with an aluminum smelter in our county, and 100’s of farmers who spend $1000’s per month in energy costs. Due to Obama’s EPA there will never be another coal power plant built in the United States, that is unacceptable. Perhaps a few solar panels can run a few traffic lights, but I don’t see it replacing coal anytime soon. It reminds me of old saying: don’t shoot the horse you’re on, till you have a new horse. Coal is our past and our immediate future. We are seeing layoffs in coal country and now we are seeing a dip in the coal severance fund revenue as well, which will mean more budget shortfalls and unemployment. It’s simple: we need to mine more coal in Kentucky! As a state government, we have to stand up to Obama’s war on Coal. You can count on me to do that.

I’d like to end with this: What makes America exceptional is our constitutional Republic and belief in free market capitalism. Combine that with our citizens and you have the greatest country on the face of this earth. But believe me our American Republic is under constant attack, especially since Barack Obama took office. For the record, I won’t be voting for Barack Obama and you won’t see my campaign signs beside his. I can’t think of anything we agree on. Like Senator McConnell, I believe it is imperative that will send Obama back home to Chicago, Hawaii or wherever he plans to live.

It’s ironic that the biggest supporter of Barack Obama, I like to call him Obama’s biggest Kentucky cheerleader is House Speaker Greg Stumbo, my opponent’s party leader in the House. Recently she brought him down and took him to TN to show him where they’d been creating jobs. Stumbo was the only Democrat who went to Fancy Farm this year proudly announcing he was voting for Barack Obama and wanted all of us to do the same. Friends, it’s time to put Barack Obama and Greg Stumbo on the bench for good. If you want to send Obama and his Kentucky cheerleader a message, and like me you want to restore our founding principles, I ask for your support.

God bless